About Us

It all started with an idea! An idea to choose a product, analyse its market and find the gap that no one has fulfilled it yet. After going through so many products and spending a lot of time doing research, we came across many products, but the line-up of Aroma Diffusers had something in it that attracted us towards it.

We did some extensive research and analysed the gap. The product was there with limited functions and poor quality with no variety. This was the time when we realised that something can be done to fulfil this gap. In order to fulfil the gap, we need to have contacts or experience in importing products from retail industry. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any of these things.

But, we had passion, motivation, and dedication that allowed us to continue with our research. After several months of hard work, we were able to accomplish our goals and were able to procure high quality Aroma Diffuser and Essential Oils.

We would like to welcome you on this journey of ours.

Why Us?

We are GREEN

Procuring the right products was one challenge that was accomplished, but to make sure that their packaging is environment friendly was another challenge. We wanted the packaging of our products to be environment friendly, so they can be recycled and don’t end up in the land waste.

Hence, we made every effort to make sure that our products, their packaging, and logistics area is environment friendly. Our products are BPA free and boxes can be recycled.  

We have used recycled boxes to ship our products and have chosen SENDLE and AusPost as our logistics providers, who are 100% Carbon Neutral.