Can We Leave the Aroma Diffuser ON While We Sleep

Of course. You can leave the Aroma Diffuser ON while you sleep. Our Aroma Diffusers are equipped with Auto Turn OFF feature. When water reaches at a certain level, the Aroma Diffuser switches OFF automatically.

Do you provide Warranty for Aroma Diffusers?

The Aroma Diffusers go through a series of tests while they are being manufactured and they need to pass a series of certification tests before they are dispatched.

Our Aroma Diffusers come with 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty for faulty products (if Any).

We do recommend that you check your products on Arrival.
For any issues/concerns, please don’t hesitate to Contact us

I Broke my Ceramic Aroma Diffuser. What can be done?

We are sorry to her about that. In this instance, we cannot be of any help, as the Ceramic Body cannot be replaced.

However, you can contact us via our contact us section and we will see on what can be done.

What if I don’t want a Free Oil? Will I be charged?

There is no cost associated with the FREE ESSENTIAL Oil.

Therefore, you will not be charged for.

Can I save my Card Details?

It is highly not recommended that you save your Credit Card Details during check out.

Even though we have strong security measures in place and the data is not saved on our website, we still don’t recommend that you save your Card during check out.

The Card will not be saved on our website, but it will be saved securely under high encryption on our Payment Gateway provider’s website.

What Payment methods do you Accept?

We accept PayPal, Master Card, Visa Card, Apple Pay, and AfterPay

What are your shipping Costs?

There is no shipping Cost. We are offering FREE SHIPPING Australia Wide.

Who is your Logistics Provider?

We use SENDLE to ship goods to customers. SENDLE is carbon neutral.

We also use AUSPOSTto ship goods to customers.

In order to make the process of shipping fast and smooth, please add the correct address of your home or business where you would like the good to be delivered.

At this stage, our courier company doesn’t accept any addresses with PO Boxes. Therefore, please don’t provide us with a PO Box Address.

When Can I Expect My Order to Arrive?

We tend to dispatch orders within 24 – 48 hours after receiving the order and its payment.

Once everything is confirmed, the orders are dispatched.

Once the orders are dispatched, we update the customer with confirmation and provide them with the tracking details, so they know when the parcel is coming.

The lead time is usually 2-5 Business Days and some products might take longer to arrive.

For your ease, the shipping times are mentioned on the product page.

Do you offer Express Shipping?

At this stage we don’t offer express shipping.

Aroma Music Not Showing in Bluetooth on Phone?

In some cases, the Aroma Music option may not be searchable on your phone or it may disappear.

In order to fix this issue, we recommend turning off your Aroma Diffuser and unplug it.

After 5 seconds, re-plug the Aroma Diffuser and search again for Aroma Music in Bluetooth on your phone.

It should show up instantly.
Then simply connect to Aroma Music and enjoy.

Do You Ship Internationally?

At this stage, we don’t ship outside Australia. We do apologies about that.

However, if you are interested in buying from us, we can work out on a shipping cost and procedure to ship it to you (if you reside outside Australia). Please contact us via the contact section for more information.

What is Bundle and Save Deal?

Bundle and save deal is for Essential Oils Only at the moment. When you buy an Aroma Diffuser and add an Essential Oils Gift set of 6 in your cart, you save 20%.

At this stage, we are not offering any deals on Aroma Diffuser Bundles.

I have only got one parcel. Where is my remaining order?

If you have received only one parcel, please don’t panic. You will get your second parcel soon. The shipping times are mentioned on the product page. 

If you don’t get your parcel, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will investigate the issue and will issue you a refund accordingly.

My Order is Completed, but I havent got all the items that I ordered

If you have got an email stating that your “Order is Completed”, but you haven’t got your parcel. The order completion email means that your parcel has been shipped from our end and the tracking has been updated in the system.