How to Use Ceramic Aroma Diffuser with BlueTooth – Guide

There are many Aroma Diffusers present in the market and each of them have its own function. Majority of the Aroma Diffusers are very simple and lack functionality in them. Since, we are in the technological era, where technology is advancing from time to time and the way we work, live, and sleep is being changed/replaced with advance technology.

At first, we used to have only an Aroma Diffuser and these days, we have Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers and many more types of Diffusers are coming into the market. Likewise, we have got highly advanced Ceramic Aroma Diffuser with Bluetooth Technology that is operated by your smart phone. This means that you don’t need to press any button to make it work. All the magic is done from your smart phone.


When it comes to operating an Aroma Diffuser with your smart phone, there can be many complications. The first being, not user friendly or the APP doesn’t support the phone, or the Bluetooth won’t connect. Keeping all of these things into consideration, we have compiled a guide for our customers on how they can use Ceramic Aroma Diffuser with Bluetooth and Separable base bought from Aroma Shop.

Without any further delays or explanations, lets jump to our tutorial.

How to Set-up Ceramic Aroma Diffuser with Bluetooth and Separable Base:

Step 1 Unboxing:

This is the most important step. You need to unbox the diffuser and take out all the required accessories.

  1. Measuring cup
  2. Charger
  3. Aroma Diffuser
  4. Aroma Diffuser’s base
  5. User Manual
  6. Download the App onto your Smart Phone (iOS or Android)


Step 2 Choose a location:

Choosing a location is the most crucial part. Choose a perfect location for your Ceramic Aroma Diffuser. Its unique look can lift the image of the place where you put it. it can be used as a decoration piece as well in your lounge.

Step 3 How to install Ceramic Aroma Diffuser

Once you have taken out the Aroma Diffuser and all of its accessories that are required, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Remove the tape from the above of the Ceramic Aroma Diffuser. You will see a Pick (Guitar Pick) attached to it. That is for you as a gift, so you can play the guitar. Just kidding. The function of the pick is to open the top cover of Aroma Diffuser.
  2. Now grab the measuring cup that you got in the box and add in the measuring cup as directed in the user manual.
  3. Before you can add the water in the Aroma Diffuser, you need to plug the aroma diffuser’s base with the charger (included in the box) and then place Aroma Diffuser on it.
  4. Open the top cover of the diffuser and add water into it, as directed in the User Manual.
  5. Now add your favourite Essential Oil.

Step 4 How to Operate Ceramic Aroma Diffuser using Bluetooth:

  1. Until now you might have downloaded the App for your smart phone (iOS/Android).
  2. Go to settings and open Bluetooth of your device.
  3. Now you will see 2 devices appearing under the name of Aroma Life and Aroma Music.

First you need to connect to Aroma Life and then you can connect to Aroma Music to enjoy some music from your phone.(In Some cases the connection may not be established instantly. Please try again and it should work.)

4. Once you have connected the diffuser with Bluetooth, Go to the App on your phone and simply turn on the diffuser.


That’s all. Now enjoy your Aroma Diffuser with your favourite essential oil.

If there are issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us via contact us section and do read the FAQ‘s before you contact us.